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Intake of flavonoids

Please note that intakes measured in various countries only refer to specific subclasses of flavonoids and NOT to total flavonoids. 

Data on the dietary intake of flavonoids are far from complete. The subclasses of flavonols and  flavones have been studied most frequently and data on catechins and flavanones are accumulating. The intake of flavonoids varies from country to country and also their dietary sources vary between countries because of different dietary patterns.  

Currently there are no recommendations on the intake of flavonoids, like there is for example for vitamins and minerals. More research is needed for creating these recommendations. At the moment it is suggested to eat vegetables, fruits and berries plentifully to ensure among others your flavonoid intake and optimal health! 


In Netherlands the average flavonol and flavone intake was 23 mg/day in the late 80ís, the main sources being tea, onions and apples. The intake of catechins was 50 mg/day.


In Finland the total flavonoid intake is 55.2 mg / day, the main sources being fruit, beverages and berries.



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